Bitcoin Code Review | Scam or Legit? | Make 1300/day🥇

Become a millionaire overnight with the crypto currency?

If one is allowed to believe various providers, this could become a reality for happy investors. 

Above all, the trading robots should help courageous investors to generate a passive income stream.

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Providers of the automatic trading software repeatedly attract inexperienced investors with guaranteed three-digit profits per day.

Also with the Bitcoin Robot “Bitcoin Code”, high returns should be part of everyday life.

We have taken a closer look at this trading assistant and tested it intensively: Does Bitcoin Code work reliably or is Bitcoin Code Scam?

We present the results of our Bitcoin Code Test here.


Fake News about Bitcoin Code

Also about the Bitcoin code, various fake news are rampant on the Internet.

For example, during our research on the Bitcoin Code Test, we frequently came across the rumor that Bitcoin Code was already a guest on the TV show “The Lion’s Den”.

The “Lion’s Den” is an investment-oriented TV show that repeatedly presents promising, innovative and interesting investment opportunities.

Of course, the Bitcoin code would fit well into the concept. However, the crypto robot has not yet been able to attract the attention of this show.

But that should not be a reason for interested investors not to invest, if the offer otherwise fits perfectly with their own trading ideas.

Crypto bot users earnings

We also found some fake advertising units on social media in our Bitcoin Code Test.

Here, celebrities such as Yvonne Catterfeld or Boris Becker allegedly advertise for the Bitcoin Code Trading Bot.

Of course this is not true. If you click on the advertisement, you will find a fake duplicate of the Bitcoin Code website.

This makes it all the more important to always stick to the original website. Otherwise the investment will flow directly into the fraudsters’ pockets.

Bitcoin Code: How it works

Bitcoin Code is still a fairly young offering, but it can be pleased to have top-class partner companies.

However, we remain critical of our Bitcoin Code Test for the time being, because the crypto market is full of dubious providers.

That’s why we need to find out whether Bitcoin code works seriously or whether a Bitcoin fraud is hidden behind the platform.

Account register form

Bitcoin Code is an automatic trading software designed to make trading easier for investors. 

However, if you want to get off to a flying start here, you should not hand over all the responsibility to the bot, but should have at least basic knowledge of virtual currencies yourself.

Then it will be even easier to understand the complex mathematical calculations of the trading helper.

Based on algorithms, the Bitcoin code calculates the most likely price development of the Bitcoin.

These results are then incorporated into the trading decisions and the Crypto Robot starts buying or selling the requested coins.



The special feature of the Bitcoin Code is that it uses the method of bulk buying.

This is also called “Pump and Dump”. Significantly, the trading robot trades in the exact opposite direction to the majority and thus tries to make a profit.

If the prices fall because everyone is selling, the bot buys. If prices rise because demand is high at that moment, the crypto robot sells at the best possible price. However, one should always keep in mind that negative trades can also be made from time to time.

Because the software is far from being infallible. Even if the operators certainly do not like to admit this.

Risk Warning
Cryptocurrency markets are often volatile. Anonymous believe in this product and its ability to create wealth, but they recommend that you invest with caution. Make sure you are not short of cash at the end of the month!

How to open a Bitcoin Code Account

Those who would like to test the Bitcoin Code offer for themselves have the possibility to open a Bitcoin Code account.

Let’s see how it works now.

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Step 1: Signup

First of all, let’s go to the Bitcoin Code website.

There we find a registration form, which we have to fill in.

If you know your name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number, you are well prepared. Afterwards we have to think of a secure password and wait for the confirmation mail from the operators.

The mail contains a confirmation link that you need for your first login to Bitcoin Code.

This completes the opening of a Bitcoin Code account, as the operators do not currently provide for verification.

Step 2: Demo Mode

Unfortunately there is no test mode for Bitcoin Code.

This is a pity, because interested customers can try a financially risk-free test run over the platform via a demo account.

This is the best way to get to know the individual features and trading tools of a crypto robot.

Since Bitcoin Code does not offer a demo mode, we will venture directly to the next step.

Step 3: Deposit

To be able to release the Bitcoin Code Trading Robot onto the market, the bot needs a financial basis of at least 250 Dollars. 

More than this minimum deposit should not be made available to the software for the time being, in order to keep the risk of loss manageable.

Deposits can be made by credit card and bank transfer, but also via the oldest and most popular crypto currency of all: Bitcoin.

Payment methods deposit Bitcoin Code

Step 4: Auto Trading

Once the deposit is credited to the Bitcoin Code account, trading can begin.

To do this, you set up the bot as profitably as possible and give the software the start signal.

Bitcoin Code: Scam or legit?

Now, of course, we would also like to know what other customers have to say about Bitcoin Code.

That’s why we took a closer look at the Bitcoin Code Experience Reports and Bitcoin Code Reviews on the net.

Homepage of

After a short, initial overview, it is clear that nothing is clear here. The Bitcoin Code Experience Reports and Bitcoin Code Reviews give a mixed picture and it is not clear why the feedback is so different.

So just by reviewing the Bitcoin Code Experience Reports and Bitcoin Code Reviews, we do not know whether Bitcoin code is serious or a Bitcoin code fraud.

This is one more reason for us to delve a little deeper into the Bitcoin Code Test.

And that is exactly what we are doing now.



Is Bitcoin Code to trust?

To answer this question, we took a closer look at the Bitcoin Code platform.

There we find fake reviews and very little background information on the trading software, but there is no solid evidence of Bitcoin Code fraud.

The operators could certainly be more generous with information about the software, the operators themselves and customer support, but we do not find any evidence of a Bitcoin Code Scam on the platform of the offer for the time being.

A tip: If you want to open a Bitcoin Code account, you should not be irritated by the advertising messages on the platform. Even if the operators promise four-digit profits per week, one should approach the investment with realistic expectations.

Bitcoin Code: The Verdict

After our in-depth Bitcoin Code Test, we know that this is an offer with strengths and weaknesses.

In detail, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the automatic trading software is the right addition for everyday trading.

In any case, the Bitcoin Code cryptoversum offers some interesting features that are not available from other providers.

However, as a prospective investor one should not approach the experimental system with too high expectations.

After all, the providers of Bitcoin code are quite exuberant about the promises of profit.

Thus, investors are guaranteed to find four-digit profits per week in their accounts.

These are of course statements that are far from reality.

Golden Coin BTC dark background

If you approach the investment with healthy expectations, you should not be disappointed.

It is also important to keep the risks in mind. The investment in the different crypto currencies is always connected with a risk of loss, which even the best crypto robot cannot compensate.

Accordingly, it is important to be cautious with deposits and to enjoy the minimum deposit of 250 dollars at first.

If you like the trading results in the long run, you can always invest further sums of money.

Apart from that, the Bitcoin Code platform is clearly structured and user-friendly, so that even beginners should find their way around intuitively.

It is also convincing that Bitcoin Code allows deposits by bank transfer, credit card and Bitcoin.