Is Bitcoin Pro a Legit or Scam Trading Robot?

There are many ways to join the crypto market for professional traders, however, automated trading robots allow newbies and inexperienced traders a great opportunity to enter the market without having any previous trading skills.

Golden Coin BTC at the top of other coins

These automated trading robots claim to enable traders to run a piece of software without understanding the basic rules of trading and without having to spend much time and effort to create profits.


Bitcoin Pro was recently launched in the market and it seems that this robot has a lot to offer.

In this review, we will explore this robot including the most essential elements that will help you determine whether you should trade with this robot.

Keep reading to learn more about this trading robot.

What is Bitcoin Pro, and how does it work?

Bitcoin Pro is a top automated trading software that was recently launched in the market.

According to experts in the market, this trading robot has a different trading algorithm that enables software to be more accurate and generate consistent profits. The robot reports on its website to have a 99.4% accuracy rate, meaning that its trading algorithms perform well.

Trading robots are found to be more accurate than humans, responding better to price fluctuations in the market.

The robot basically removes any human intervention from the systems, making it a fully automatic trading robot.

Users have to switch the auto-trading button every time they want to utilize the software and then monitor the account during the day.

Bitcoin Pro is an entirely automatic trading robot using some of the most advanced technologies that enable the software to scan the market, conduct market research and execute a large number of orders simultaneously.

The robot reports to use superior technology that allows the software to precede the market by 0.01 millisecond. Consequently, the robot reports having a win rate of 99.4% of the executed trades.

These technologies use both technical and fundamental analysis to derive trading signals.

The software can scan crypto-related news and analyze thousands of cryptocurrency trading charts.

Bitcoin Pro aims to find small price fluctuations in the market, a trading strategy that is called scalping.

Bitcoin Pro basically allows users to set the risk settings and connects them to a regulated broker’s trading platform.

The broker is responsible to provide a leverage ratio and execute the robot’s orders in cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in the secondary market.

Unlike other trading robots in the market, Bitcoin Pro enables users to trade crypto coins by using automated or manual trading.

Whenever you feel you want to take the decisions in the market, you can simply switch to the manual trading mode and start trading on your own.


Risk Warning
We caution you that there are no guarantees with any investment. The Bitcoin Pro software performs well according to many people, but don’t invest so much that you will leave yourself short of funds.
We recommend that you use the demo account until you are happy that you understand the software and trading process.

Bitcoin Pro Registration: four steps to trading

Opening a trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Pro is extremely simple.

Let’s take a look at how to get started with this trading robot.

Step 1: Register for a free trading account

First, you need to visit Bitcoin Pro’s official website and fill in your personal details in the registration form.

Bitcoin Pro requires you to submit your first and last name and your email address.

Then, the robot immediately connects you with one of its partner brokers that is regulated in your country.

Step 2: Deposit funds

At the time of writing, automated trading robots are not authorized to collect funds from users and as a result, the robot channels you to a regulated broker that makes sure your funds are safe, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Simply look for the deposit funds button and transfer the minimum requirement of 250 through one of the provided payment methods.

Step 3: Demo account

Some of the brokers enable traders to use a demonstration account so users get familiar with the platform and understand the dynamic of the markets without having to risk real money. 

We can confirm that most of Bitcoin Pro’s partner brokers offer a demo account, however, you will have to check with your assigned broker.

If you are able to open a demo account, we suggest that you trade for a few days until you feel convenient with the platform.

Step 4: Live trading

Now that are ready to trade and the funds have reached your account balance, it’s recommended that you adjust the risk settings including a daily stop loss, stop loss per trade, daily take profit and the maximum trades per day.

Then, click on the auto-trading live button and the software immediately starts working.


Bitcoin Pro: trading

As we mentioned, Bitcoin Pro is a fully automatic trading robot.

That means you do not need to be a trading expert in order to activate the software and make a profit. However, there are some basic trading principles you have to follow before you start trading.

First, it’s recommended that you start following market news that is related to certain cryptocurrencies and the crypto market in general.

That will help you understand the catalyst for price movements in the market.

For example, some of the main factors that influence the cryptocurrency market are regulatory status, fiat currencies’ inflation, the adoption of blockchain, and technical analysis indicators.

Golden Coin BTC matrix background

You should also learn basic market orders such as stop loss and take profit.

A stop-loss order is an automatic trade given by an investor to limit the loss of a transaction. For example, you can limit your loss of each transaction to $50.

Bitcoin Pro enables you to set a stop loss per trade and a daily stop loss.

Once you turn on the auto-trading mode, you will have to monitor the account for at least 30 minutes per day.

We also recommend that you turn off the software after a trading session of 6-8 hours so you can analyze the software’s performance and, if necessary, adjust the trading settings.

Bitcoin Pro celebrity endorsements

There have been plenty of rumors that link celebrities to automated trading robots.

Some of these rumors across the web also associate celebrities such as Daniel Radcliffe, Gordon Ramsay, and Richard Branson with Bitcoin Pro.

The rumors online suggest that these celebrities have secretly invested in this trading robot. However, we investigated these rumors and as you can imagine, these rumors are unfounded.

Many affiliate marketers are searching for popular terms and combine these terms to create clickbait titles.

We recommend that you ignore any site that spread out these rumors.

Can you get rich by trading with Bitcoin Pro?

That depends on your initial investment and many other factors but regardless, do not count on that.

According to the robot and user testimonials, there’s no doubt you can make substantial profits and yes, you might get rich from investing in this trading app.

Bitcoin Pro reports on its website that users typically make an average daily profit of $1271 (£979.98) and most of the reviews claim the same results, a daily profit between $500-$1500.

Golden Coin BTC on the top of a dollar

The robot also reports that profits are unlimited and some members earned a million euros in 61 trading days.

In conclusion, you might get rich with Bitcoin Pro but there are many other investments that might get you rich.

We suggest that you invest the minimum requirement of $250 and test the software’s performance first.


Bitcoin Pro User Testimonials

In an industry that is full of scams and unreliable companies, user testimonials can indicate whether a trading robot is legitimate and reliable.

There are plenty of positive user testimonials on the robot’s website and across the web which seems to be from real people.

These reviews verify that the robot is real and operates a successful trading algorithm. Moreover, the majority of the reviews report having a positive trading experience including responsive and helpful customer support and a fast withdrawal process.

Bitcoin Pro: verdict

Our final conclusion, Bitcoin Pro appears to be a legit and real trading robot.

Our review finds this robot to be reliable, transparent, accurate and user-friendly.

Unlike many scam robots, Bitcoin Pro transfers its clients to highly regulated brokers and enables users to trade using automated or manual trading mode.

The robot also has great user reviews online, which confirms that the robot is real and legit.

These reviews report that Bitcoin Pro offers a solid support service and instant withdrawal process.

Yet, if you decide to trade with Bitcoin Pro, you should only risk a capital you can afford to lose as trading robots carry high risk.


Is Bitcoin Pro legit or a scam?

Bitcoin Pro appears to be completely legit and can be trusted.

Although there are many scam operations in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Pro does not seem one of them.

According to reviews, it is a reliable trading bot with excellent customer service and instant withdrawal process.

Do I need to have trading experience and skills to start trading with Bitcoin Pro?

No. There’s no need to have a previous trading experience to utilize the Bitcoin Pro software.

The company has developed a trading software that can be utilized by anyone and as we said, you can simply turn on the software in one click of a button.

How much should I deposit with Bitcoin Pro?

We suggest that you start with the minimum requirement of €250.

You can increase your account balance by reinvesting your profits.