Bitcoin Profit Review | Scam or Legit? | The Resultsūü•á

Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. In particular, it is designed to trade the Bitcoin, which is by far the most valuable crypto currency, but during this review we learned that some selected cryptos can be traded with this software.

The Bitcoin Profit works with an intelligent algorithm of robots. The software detects and monitors favorable cryptographic prices to give users a leverage effect by buying when the price is low and immediately selling the price and valuing the profit. The system offers an estimated profit ratio of around 92%. But is this really true? Can you trust this bot? We have sorted it out for you.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Put simply, the Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading software that can closely follow the signals from the cryptographic market to identify market trends that are beneficial to traders. With the Bitcoin Profit, users can make significant profits every day by buying cryptos at a low price and selling when the price rises.

The Bitcoin Profit was invented by John Mayers; it has gained popularity because the software works faster than the regular stock market indices with 0.01 seconds. This is how users use the Bitcoin Profit to earn more every day.

Users do not have to be expert traders to make a profit with Bitcoin Profit. The automated system relies on signals and daily trends that are closely monitored and speculated to determine the best time to buy and sell crypto.

That’s why the software does all the work while users can sit back and keep track of their income.¬†The system is similar to the Bitcoin Trader;¬†another automated trading software that works great.¬†Even with the average uncertainties in the market, the intelligent robots running the Bitcoin Profit software significantly increase the chances of every user to earn more passive income.



How does Bitcoin Profit work?

The best trade decisions in cryptoc currency are made when the trader has a good way to follow market trends to speculate the rise or fall of cryptoc currency prices. There are also crucial signals to look at that determine the potential of making a profit from a trade. With software such as the Bitcoin Profit, however, these processes are automated. In this way, beginners can also start trading in crypto currency.

Our attention was drawn to the Bitcoin Profit after seeing many positive claims from current users that indicate that the software has helped them earn more money as traders. However, many people in the audience are skeptical, hence the need for a comprehensive review to determine the real possibilities with the software.

Editors have put real money aside to test the Bitcoin Profit and to determine whether it really works. Fortunately, the outcome of this test was positive and we are happy to announce that we made some profit after testing the system with real money.

However, there are risks given the volatile nature of the cryptographic market, but the risks can be limited if the trader knows how the system works. Our review shows that Bitcoin Profit offers all traders a potential means to grow and maintain a passive income.

It is at the level of other notable trading software such as the Bitcoin Code and CryptoSoft. We can confirm this on the basis of our findings after actual tests. The system has been simplified to allow new and experienced traders to make a profit without necessarily doing anything, thanks to the automated trading function.

Bitcoin Profit Registration: four steps to trading

Step 1: Create a free account

A form has been placed on the website and we have completed this to start the registration process. The required information includes our name, e-mail address and telephone number. We were then asked to set a password.

You must ensure that a secure password is used at this stage to protect your account. After saving our password, an account has been created and linked to a broker.

All this happened in less than three minutes.¬†The broker’s job is to monitor the trading activities on our account to ensure that we are making a profit.¬†Then we had to make a deposit.

Step 2: Deposit

We were happy to see that many alternatives have been provided to allow users to make a deposit easily.¬†Options such as MasterCard, MerchantPay, SafePay, Visa, GiroPay and other Debit card options are available to make a deposit.¬†We have chosen our preferred option and our account has been credited within seconds.¬†For this assessment we have chosen to start with a minimum deposit of ‚ā¨ 250 to test the system.¬†Fortunately the result was very good.

Step 3: Demo Account

The developers of this software have added a demo account on the website. A demo account allows users to perform simulated transactions without using real money.

Demo accounts help users to test the system and understand how it works before they actually deposit money to start trading. We were happy with this; every user can check the processes to see how it works. The demo mode is fast and very good, and we recommend users to try it too.

Step 4: Live Trading

After we had experienced how the software works from our demo trading experience, we were ready to start trading with real money. First we had to activate the automatic trading function and set risk limits to prevent loss. Risk management was done with the Stop loss function. To accomplish this, we simply had to click on the auto trade tab on the dashboard.

Everything was easy due to the excellent layout of the dashboard. Everything we needed was shown on the screen; the website also contained help buttons in case we wanted to contact customer service.

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Key features of the Bitcoin Trader system


We were particularly interested in the payout structure, because this is how many users earn from it. To determine the credibility of the payout system, we had to test it live.

After depositing the minimum ‚ā¨ 250 and trading live, we made an impressive profit and initiated a withdrawal, which went smoothly.¬†According to our calculations, every user can earn as much as ‚ā¨ 1,300 a day using the Bitcoin profit automated trading software.

Verification system

To verify the information provided during registration, a verification is performed. We were required to verify the e-mail address and telephone number that we provided. This process was quick and without problems. We found it useful that the verification process was short but effective, no need to provide energy bills or work IDs. However, it is important to enter the bank details carefully to ensure that you are credited quickly.

Withdrawals and deposits

We discovered that recordings can take place at any time of the day or at night. This is also very useful for all users. Our first recording was processed within 24 hours, which seemed very fair.


We have also carefully checked our accounts to find out if any hidden costs have been deducted without our knowledge. Fortunately we can confirm that the system is 100% transparent.

There were no hidden costs; the only deduction from our bill was 1% after we had made a profit on the live trade. We were impressed by the system, accurate and seamless transaction and yet no hidden costs unlike other software on the market.

Feedback system

The feedback system that we noticed on the website contains reviews from current users and options to make questions or suggestions. We think this is smart; it is important to know what the users think of the software and to make suggestions for improvements. Our feedback was good; we had a great experience using the software and made a profit.

Customer service

We also tested the customer support features to confirm that all users can get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This was correct as advertised; we have been in contact with customer service during the day and at night.

The staff were helpful and seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of the system to help us every time we used the customer service function. However, it was only a test, and there was no real emergency or problem, because the software works seamlessly.


The brokers affiliated with the system manage the deposited funds and ensure that all assets and transactions placed through their accounts are processed quickly.


Bitcoin Profit Experiences: reliable or not? Our verdict!

This specific review of the Bitcoin Profit was easy for my team to start and complete because the system is so transparent. Everything is easy for users to study and understand how automated trading functions work.

The trading signals are provided free of charge and the software processes all trading processes with the input of experienced brokers who are registered on the system. We learn from most bitcoin profit experiences that it is an excellent way for everyone to profit from the chances of winning in the cryptographic market. We were impressed by the amount of free information that was presented on the homepage of the Bitcoin Profit homepage.

The package and the amazing transparency made our task easy.¬†We know that developers are committed to improving the software to give all users more market influence.¬†The Bitcoin Profit system is supported by the commission that users receive when they make a profit.¬†We think it’s fair;¬†after all, users hardly put a finger out to do anything after depositing an amount.

It is best to start trading with the minimum investment of ‚ā¨250, to reduce the risks in the volatile crypto currency market. We have confirmed that it is possible to make a substantial profit even with the minimum stake. Our tests confirmed that the system offers an impressive 92% chance of success!