Bitcoin Rush Review | Scam or Legit Robot? Read Now🥇

Bitcoin Rush is the automation of trading techniques used by some of the world’s most successful crypto traders.

It is a computer program that connects to select brokers to perform trading on behalf of users.

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Bitcoin Rush conducts trading research with a supposed accuracy level of above 90% and executes trade instantly.

Moreover, it’s auto and hence highly recommended for those with zero crypto trading experience.

But is Bitcoin Rush legit?


Our review of Bitcoin Rush finds it to be likely to be legit. It is highly rated by users on sites such as TrustPilot, and it works with regulated brokers.

As we will see later, the majority of their brokers fall under the regulatory mandate of tier-one bodies such as the FCA and ASIC.

What justifies Bitcoin Rush Profitability?

Bitcoin Rush has a claimed win-rate of above 90%. It is said to have the potential to turn a deposit of €250 to over €1500 in a day of trading.

Some users allege making over a million euros in less than a year through this bot.

This level of supposed profitability seems to be too good to be true until you consider the following factors.

  • Bitcoin Rush depends on advanced AI technologies to conduct market research and execute trades. Robots powered by these technologies have a reputation for being ahead of the markets. The subset of AI known as Machine Learning (ML) is responsible for the supposed high accuracy rate.
  • The robot relies on high-speed brokers. These brokers have systems in place to ensure instant order execution. Moreover, they provide leverage of up to 1:3000 to help traders take large positions.
  • Unlike traditional assets, cryptos are highly volatile. Robots such as Bitcoin Rush capitalize on this volatility rather than price direction. Bitcoin Rush performance is not affected by falling prices.

What is Bitcoin Rush, and how does it work?

Bitcoin Rush was founded in 2017 to help ordinary people take advantage of the crypto boom. The robot is among the few robots in the market that have allegedly turned over 1000 users into crypto millionaires.

Just like other leading robots, Bitcoin Rush is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.

It relies on AI subsets of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning (DL) to study market trends and identify trading patterns. Moreover, these technologies enable it to read human language and hence trade news.

Bitcoin Rush uses the AI subset of Machine Learning to adapt to changing market conditions. This technology enables it to improve itself as it interacts with data.

The mentioned AI technologies are not new in the world of trading.

However, Bitcoin Rush is among the few robots that implement them in crypto trading. In stock and forex trading, these technologies are common with scalpers in high-frequency-trading.

Bitcoin Rush has proven to have the power to beat the markets most of the times.

Bitcoin Rush partners with select brokers to offer all trading services automatically. The roles of the brokers include handling deposits and facilitating transactions, executing orders from the robot and providing leverage.

Consequently, any deposit made through Bitcoin Rush goes to the matched robot broker.

Robot brokers are well regulated and hence provide a funds safety guarantee to users even in the event of bankruptcy. As mentioned in the introduction, all Bitcoin Rush partner brokers are monitored by tier-one regulatory bodies.

Robot brokers also provide trading leverage.

Bitcoin Rush brokers offer a leverage of up to 1:3000. Such leverage means that users can bet on positions worth up to €3k for every €1 of their trading capital.

This explains why a small account with a deposit of €250 can supposedly make profits of up to €2k daily.

The brokers also execute orders as relayed by the trading robot. Unlike traditional brokers, robot brokers rely on highly robust systems to ensure instant order execution.

In algorithmic trading, a small slippage can lead to huge losses. This means that instant order execution is mandatory.

Bitcoin Rush allegedly has a high accuracy rate, but it is not risk-free. There is a chance of losing your entire investment when trading with it. Do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.


Risk Warning
Cryptocurrency markets are often volatile. We believe in this product and its ability to create wealth, but we also recommend that you invest with caution. Make sure you are not short of cash at the end of the month!

How to register and trade with Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is available for all, and it only takes a few minutes to register and start trading.

Unlike other bots, this robot doesn’t force users to go through the tedious KYC process. You will only be asked to verify ID if you are depositing more than €50,000.

We strongly advise you to start small, preferably with a deposit of below €500. You can always plough back earnings for growth.

Follow the guideline below to register with Bitcoin Rush.

This robot is not available in all countries. Try their registration process to determine if it’s available in your country.

Follow these steps to open an account.

Account register form of Bitcoin Rush

Step 1: Registration

Bitcoin Rush will only ask for your name, email and phone number during registration.

You will be asked to verify phone number through an SMS code and email through a link. The verification happens instantly.

We have analyzed Bitcoin Rush data protection measures and found them to be adequate. This bot is compliant with data privacy guidelines such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

• Is the registration process simple?
• Do they collect unnecessary personal data?
• Is their platform secure?
• Have they adopted security measures to secure users’ personal data?

How does trading with Bitcoin Rush work screen

Our review can confirm that the registration process with Bitcoin Rush is simple.

In addition, they do not collect unnecessary personal information. It is known that fraud shops collect extra details and sell them to third parties.

In addition, the Bitcoin Rush website and trading platform are SSL protected to ensure that all information going through them is encrypted.

Platforms without this type of protection are sensitive to data breaches because hackers can capture web traffic and copy data.

Step 2: Deposit

With just €250, you can register and enjoy all the benefits of Bitcoin Rush. The €250 is your trading capital and should not be confused with the cost of the robot.

Bitcoin Rush is free.

You can deposit through crypto wallets or traditional methods such as debit and credit cards, Wire Transfer, and e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

Unlike other bots, Bitcoin Rush does not charge any deposit fees.

Step 3: Trade via the Demo version

When you deposit, you can access their demo trading platform. This platform is designed to help you get acquainted with their platform before live trading.

The trading results obtained through the demo account in no way reflect what you will get in live trading.

While a demo account may not make much sense in automated commerce, it is the only guiding tool for using the real platform. It is through this platform that you will learn to open and close trading sessions and reap profits.

We recommend that you take it seriously and get to know the platform in depth to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Step 4: Trading

You can only access the live account after deposit.

While live trading with Bitcoin Rush is entirely auto, there is a need to go through the trading guide to understand the settings.

The robot provides a comprehensive guide with diagrammatic illustrations to help users navigate through.

Also available is a practice account that simulates real market happenings through historical data.

You should trade a demo before going to the live account.

Bitcoin Rush users earnings

The better you are at the various settings, the greater the chance of making a profit.

We therefore recommend starting small to get to know the software and the platform and then gradually increase the amount.

Remember that there is always a risk that your entire invested amount will be lost. There are no guarantees.


How to get good returns out of Bitcoin Rush

Bitcoin Rush is 100% auto, but this doesn’t imply that there is nothing you can do to maximize its performance.

Follow the tips below to hit a home run with this robot.

Follow market news

Stay up to date with the latest market happens to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Crypto prices are currently highly volatile due to the Coronavirus epidemic, which means that there are significant opportunities for those who observe market trends carefully.

Trade the US markets

Open trading sessions from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Golden Coin BTC on the top of a dollar

This is the period of high volatility since it is when bitcoin-derivatives are being traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Remember that Bitcoin Rush has the highest potential during periods of high market volatility.


Start small

Investing a small amount gives you the peace of mind to observe trends and make meaning out of them.

Depositing a considerable amount, on the other hand, will lead to anxiety and poor decision making.

Bitcoin Rush and celebrities

There are rumours that some celebrities have invested in Bitcoin Rush. But are these claims valid?

Find out below.

Elon Musk and Bitcoin Rush

We did a background check on Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Systems and didn’t find any evidence that he has invested in Bitcoin Rush.

These rumours are nothing but fake news meant to get people to visit gossip blogs.

Richard Branson and Bitcoin Rush

We have also found rumours associating Richard Branson with Bitcoin Rush.

While Branson is a big fan of BTC and the underlying blockchain technology, he hasn’t revealed any information about investing in a bitcoin robot.

Avoid Richard Branson Bitcoin systems claims by fact-checking information on Bitcoin Rush website.



Bitcoin Rush and Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is another British celebrity falsely linked to Bitcoin Rush.

Our background checks show that he hasn’t expressed any interests in bitcoin. The popularity of Bitcoin Rush is perhaps the biggest driver of the fake news revolving around it.

Bitcoin Rush review: The verdict!

This review finds Bitcoin Rush to appear to be legit.

The bot has high supposed profitability, and its trading platform is powered by the world’s best trading technologies.

Bitcoin Rush is surprisingly easy to use. Anyone can trade with it, including complete beginners.

You can trade with Bitcoin Rush now by clicking the registration button below.

Leave us a comment about your experience with this bot below.



Is Bitcoin Rush a scam?

Our careful investigation reveals that Bitcoin Rush is legit and trustworthy.

Do I need any previous trading experience or trading skills to start trading with Bitcoin Rush?

No, this robot was specially designed for all levels of traders.

As you can conclude from our review, the account creation process is straightforward and following that, all that is required from a user is to activate the software and monitor the account for 20 minutes per day.

What is the minimum deposit required to start trading with Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush has a minimum deposit requirement of €250.

We recommend that you start with the minimum requirement and do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose.