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As in all areas, artificial intelligence and automation are also entering the crypto market. A variety of platforms and software providers enable apps and programs to automatically trade cryptocurrencies. This is where the quick, easy money waves. But often the offer sounds just too good to be true and unfortunately there are also some dubious providers on the market. In addition to the general return opportunities from virtual foreign exchange, we present one of the newer providers: Immediate Edge. How does the software work? Does the provider keep what it promises and what should beginners pay attention to? We also give some tips on how to identify fraudulent platforms and what users should generally consider when trading online.

Get rich with bicoins !?

Nobody would have expected 10 years ago that digital coins could make you a millionaire. In fact, the Bitcoin phenomenon is still very young and has already experienced many ups and downs, just like its investors. In 2011, a Bitcoin was still available for $ 1. In 2017, the value shot from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 Рtotally unbelievable. However, losses were made just as quickly when it fell again shortly afterwards by around 80%. And with the course, its investors also lost entire assets.

Getting rich with cryptocurrency is quite possible, but the virtual dream can become a nightmare just as quickly.

The crypto robots are the latest development in virtual trading. But at the moment, one should speak of an investment experiment. The platforms and providers mostly speak of high returns and hit rates, but this is not guaranteed.

The eToro platform has been a fairly successful and well-rated broker for cryptocurrency and CFDs in recent months.

Immediate Edge is also such a trading software, according to the website, $ 950 to over $ 2,000 per day is possible here.


How do I identify fraudulent software?

In addition to many positive reports and experiences about small and large Bitcoin wealth, there are of course losses, because the prices can fluctuate strongly within a day. First of all, every user should use the smallest possible sums and successfully test the correct function and processes (deposit to withdrawal) at least once with a small investment. Unfortunately, there are also reports on the Internet in which platforms have refused to pay out winnings or there have been other problems. Such exchanges are dubious and should be avoided. Of course, caution is also advised with strange data queries. So only open links and email attachments whose senders are known and which are not otherwise suspicious.

With transactions on the web, there is always the risk that hackers are working in secret, spying on personal data or otherwise wanting to access users’ funds.

You can even find reviews online that users of trading platforms were contacted by phone in the middle of the night to deposit funds into their trading accounts. The courses are currently so good that a profit is almost certain. Such experiences are really bad and show that dubious operators are also at work in the virtual retail market.

In fact, one should not trivialize that there is a certain dependency potential in online trading, similar to the gambling addiction to machines. Nobody should go into debt by trading cryptocurrencies or invest money on which one is dependent.

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Basically, a platform for virtual trading in cryptocurrencies is offered here. In addition to manual, classic trading by the investor himself, an automatic option can also be selected. Trading is carried out by software, i.e. a robot. Depending on how well the algorithm has been programmed, it analyzes prices, charts and expected developments on the market.

As soon as a signal to rise or fall in the market is recognized, the bot becomes active and buys or sells its shares. That happens in a matter of seconds. The robot acts as the trader and makes rational, quick decisions, whereby the profit or return should be higher compared to the human trader. If you opt for automated trading, the user can actually sit back and watch in real time how the program places trades. Of course, there is also the possibility to stop the robot if the yield develops too strongly in the wrong direction and only losses are generated. Unfortunately, even the best computer program does not guarantee high profits.

Such a test with the crypto robot is not a bad idea, especially for beginners, since you can follow the process first. If you would rather take your fate into your own hands, you can also place bids independently on the platform. However, a little prior knowledge and experience is appropriate for this. The provider provides a demo version to try out.

Access to the platform: register – test – trade



Signing up for Immediate Edge is quick and easy. Choose name, email address, password and you have your account.

You should definitely use the demo version and try out all functions, the platform and possible settings.¬†Trading then runs in test mode, ie if you lose “play money”, the loss does not hurt yet.¬†However, it is not known 100 percent whether the results of the trade in the demo version are correct at all.¬†At least you shouldn’t completely rely on the fact that even with really placed trades it runs just as smoothly as in test mode.¬†To get to know the platform, demo mode is essential.

So if you want to invest virtually in real terms, you need start-up capital in your user account. As is common with similar platforms, a minimum of $ 250 or EUR 250 is required. More would not be recommended, at least for beginners. The transfer can be made by Mastercard, Visa or Bitcoin transfer. And already, you can actually start: Some preferences and settings still need to be defined and the crypto robot can automatically place options 24 hours a day (hopefully with success).

Immediate Edge Trading – Yes or No?

A recommendation for or against a crypto trader is not that easy. It is actually more difficult to decide whether its provider appears trustworthy or not.

The advantages of Immediate Edge are that the platform is very clear and the program is quite easy to use. Even newcomers get along quite well with the software. In any case, it is important to use the test mode and to get to know the functions.

It is also positive that you can choose between manual and automatic trading and switch. Profits are possible, but there is no guarantee and losses can always be expected.

Immediate Edge has to consider that the reviews on the site (of course all positive) certainly do not reflect the entirety of all users. Only the advantages of trading with Bitcoin, CFDs and other assets are highlighted, but the high risk up to total loss is rather downplayed. The video clip with statements by Bill Gates and other personalities also relates to cryptocurrencies in general and not specifically to this platform. Such advertising strategies are typical, but not very serious.

When trading with crypto robots, you always have to be careful. Chances of winning and risk are high, but the lower the capital invested, the lower the risk of loss.

The platform and software are legal, but like most crypto trading platforms, they are not monitored or regulated.

Even the best algorithm cannot guarantee profits, at least not so far. This also applies to Immediate Edge.