Bitcoin Robots Review | Best Ones for 2024🥇

For sure you have wondered if the robots for Bitcoin are reliable, and above all, which of them are good? Below we show the best robots of 2024, explaining all the steps to use them, carefully avoiding those that could scam you.

It is very likely that you have already heard of Bitcoin robot if you are already a virtual currency investor. A robot, thanks to its mathematical accuracy, is able to perform much more complex calculations than those of humans. It goes without saying that it is therefore able to successfully conclude more deals. But not all of them are reliable: you have to be very careful when selecting your robot. Fortunately, we have created a list. Indeed, more than one…

What is a Bitcoin Robot?

Bitcoin robots are automated investment tools based on computer engineering and artificial intelligence, their purpose is to continuously analyze market fluctuations in order to be able to anticipate it by a value ranging from 0.01 to 0.04 seconds. Their working method is based on a binary answer, i.e. a simple yes/no to financial questions that the BOT asks itself every time it analyzes a deal on the virtual crypto currency market.

In practice, a Bitcoin BOT allows, starting from a negligible initial investment, to generate huge earnings every month, allowing you to change your life and maybe even someone else’s. The reliability of a BOT considered as legit (more on this later) can reach 99.5%. The accuracy percentages of the various robots vary according to the skill of those who created them, in fact, it reflects the experience of those who wrote the source code of the BOT regarding virtual market fluctuations.

Note: The percentage nominated before means that out of 10 transactions at most one will fail, all the others will add up to your profits. Examples of such BOTs are Bitcoin Code, or Cryptosoft.

Advantages and downsides of these robots

As with any method, there cannot be only advantages, but fortunately not only disadvantages. It is important to understand what are both the disadvantages and the advantages, in order to make a reasoned choice. The peculiarity of robots is that, being much more accurate than humans, they can generate huge amounts of money after doing niche business; but at the same time they are more risky.

  • The greater effectiveness of the various robots depends on the fact that, as softwares on the Internet, they have immediate and constant access to all information on the network. This, of course, includes all information about Bitcoins and their fluctuations from moment to moment.
  • The fact that they are based solely on mathematics allows robots to make totally logical decisions, without any influence of human emotions. They will not be affected as we might be by family worries, worries about work, and so on. A robot will always make the choice it has been programmed to deem the right one. All this translates into an accuracy that can reach 99.5% in some robots.
  • Since there is no need to click or move on the desktop with the mouse, the robot will always be faster than any human, even those most accustomed to trading. Manual market analysis will no longer be a problem, as the BOT will do everything by itself.
  • All this is combined with a greater general ease of use: the only thing you will have to do is deposit the money, and at that point the BOT will do everything by itself. Some of them offer 24/7 customer service.
  • Just as there are risks in manual trading, these risks are also present in automatic trading.
  • As in various types of online trading, massive loss of all your capital is possible.
  • There is no international body that regulates the financial market for robots, therefore disreputable individuals have spread scam platforms to scam unsuspecting users.
  • If you are not used to trading with robots, it may seem complicated at first glance.

What is the best suitable robot for me?

Robots for Bitcoin have spread enormously in recent years … there are probably thousands of them now, some of them even have targeted advertisements. However, as with everything in the financial market, some of these robots may revolutionize your life while others are known to be scams. Our aim is precisely to distinguish in two simple lists which robots are reliable and which are not, we have also divided them by percentage of success and reliability. Just to help new users like you to orient themselves in the robot market, we have personally tested dozens of them, distinguishing those with exceptional performance from the average ones, probably designed by still inexperienced traders, finally in a separate list we have included those we have acknowledged to be scams.

Top bitcoin robots

Let’s trade with a robot. A complete how-to guide

All trusted robots on the list follow the same (safe) registration process. For this tutorial we will use Ethereum Code as an example, but we repeat, the process is the same for everyone. Ethereum Code is a BOT that has been on the market for some years already, and allows, through an initial investment, to generate huge passive income. The initial investment is no more than $ 250. We don’t know what’s behind the platform, but my team got an anonymous interview with them. They revealed to us that they used artificial intelligence on a physical server to automatically create an investment algorithm based on the analysis of about 70,000 shares on the Bitcoin financial market. The BOT is on the verge of infallible, but it is still advisable that you check it at least thirty minutes a day. But let’s start with the tutorial…

How to start trading with Ethereum Code: a tutorial

Step 1: Head over to the Ethereum Code website

It must be admitted that many of the trusted robots have undertaken an intense advertising process to maximize their earnings. This is normal nowadays, there is no company that does not advertise (rightly so). However, this can be seen by users as a kind of alarm bell, since – those who are not from the field – tend to think “If it works, why does it need advertising?”. But don’t worry, within Ethereum Code we find a whole series of reviews from those who have already used it and who have managed to change their life through it.There are thousands and thousands of dollars generated every day, which have led users to change their lives.

Step 2: The fillable form

Many of the scam robots have very few cyber defense systems to safeguard their users’ data. We analyzed dozens of robots and our conclusion is that a robot should have: SSL modules to maximize site security, online storage methods of passwords and user data and finally a secure encrypted cloud database in order to prevent the access to hackers and other malicious users. To recognize a good site of this type, also pay attention to the fillable form: there should be the option to tick to remove yourself from all advertising, if any, and be wary of robots that ask you for much more data than they seem to be necessary. The best ones just ask for an email and an alphanumeric password, recommending to be creative and imaginative with the password itself. The ability to start trading immediately is also worth considering: some robots take weeks to start trading after a long and tedious identity check, the best ones take no more than five minutes.

Step 3. Consumer Protection: Demo Mode

The best robots allow you to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the platform before you start investing your money directly. This mode is called “demo”, and in practice it uses virtual, fictitious money that you will not be able to withdraw, but you can’t lose it neither. Only the best robots offer this mode, and in any case, it never fully reflects the functionality of the platform. It is still excellent to start and understand how to use the robot, but this should not push you to invest more than necessary, the minimum investment is more than enough.

Step 4. First deposit

Almost all Bitcoin robots will require a minimum deposit of $ 250 in order to access the various features of the platform. Only the best robots will accept all popular payment methods, such as Skrill MasterCard and Visa. Be wary of robots that impose spending percentages on deposits, everything should be free and shouldn’t take more than 20 hours.

Step 5. Live trading

The time has come to start auto trading. Just click on live trading and the robot will start working. You can also forget about it for a few days, but the ideal would be to spend at least 30 minutes a day to check the BOT. Also consider that the Bitcoin market is extremely volatile, so it is possible not to immediately see profits. This is all normal.

What is the exact functioning of Bitcoin Robots?

As anticipated at the beginning, a robot for Bitcoin uses a state-of-the-art algorithm system aimed at maximizing earnings, artificial intelligence manages to successfully copy the investments of the most famous manual traders, and to this is added an incredible calculation capacity that allows you to place sales before the market is able to adapt to changes. Many of the most effective robots continuously scan Bitcoin news and stock market fluctuations in order to adapt quickly. That is why the gain is possible with both a collapsing market and a rising market. In addition to copying the most effective actions of other traders, the robots also carry out complex cross-analysis with trading signals, i.e. stock signals received from trading industry gurus who offer tutoring services. It is absolutely necessary for a robot to rely on artificial intelligence and mechanical learning, otherwise it would not be able to handle this huge amount of data. All the algorithms are based on a starting mathematical formula, which is then altered over the weeks as the BOT identifies the most successful strategies, which change every month based on market fluctuations.

How many different types of trading can I do?

Robots for Bitcoin are totally customizable. You can engage in crypto trading automatically or manually, mainly focusing on the sale or purchase of orders. Demo accounts are essential to understand how.

Could I become rich with a robot?

Virtually all Bitcoin robots claim to make more than $ 15,000 a day. However, it is obvious that the profit depends on the invested capital. Some of them, such as Bitcoin Cash Grab, we know can even reach $ 13-18,000 per day. We cannot guarantee the veracity of all the statements of the various robots, but by analyzing the sites of the robots included in the list of trusted, you can see how all users are always satisfied.

In the end, are Bitcoin robots reliable?

Just analyze the brokers associated with all the robots for Bitcoin to understand that not all of them are reliable, indeed, some of them are not even verified. However, it must be said that the concept behind robots for Bitcoin is legitimate. If the program is good, I will be able to anticipate the market in the vast majority of cases, allowing you to make profits of thousands and thousands of dollars starting with the minimum investment required. Careful, don’t expect sudden stratospheric gains. In many BOTs these earnings will be slow, day by day, increasing as you understand how to use the platform well.

Robot brokers

These are online platforms that allow you to trade with many things: stocks, Forex, crypto currencies, indexes and so on. It would be better to avoid robot brokers, it is much better to use an auto trading robot and select the one you want to trade within it.

We recommend you:

  • XTrader FX
  • Tradovest
  • XMarkets
  • Europe FX
  • S&P Broker
  • Greenfields Capital
  • Olympus Markets

Are there known celebrities using robots for bitcoins?

We too have heard a slew of underground rumors around the web about how much celebrities use robots for Bitcoin, in order to increase their already high profits. If you go to any official page on social media of most celebrities, you will not find any direct reference to these robots, however, because unlike the platforms you are about to use, celebrities would not gain anything from spreading them, indeed, they would risk that too many users enjoyed those platforms, thus resulting in more rich people. One of those most famous examples is Gordon Ramsay, a multi-starred Michelin chef.

Potential Risks of Robots for Bitcoin

It’s sad, but most of these BOTs won’t tell you there’s actually a risk. It really isn’t that  big, but it’s still a chance of losing your investment. This is because day trading is not like long term investing, here you quickly buy and sell to maximize your earnings in a snap. To generally guide you in using a BOT, always invest what you could afford to lose, never more.

Final verdict: Top Bitcoin robots in 2022

Basically, to conclude we can say that if you want to get close to any type of action to sell in the financial market, automatic robots are the best choice.

The number of people who, by accepting the risks of online trading, have changed their lives is now immense: the only thing you were missing to begin with was an article like this, which would allow you to discern between excellent programs and scam programs.

Always remember to invest carefully, without taking out money that you cannot afford to lose: don’t worry if you start small, the profits will soon exceed all your expectations. The accuracy of the best BOTs we have listed is the best method, in 2020, to get rich from home through an improved version of smart working.


Are robots all, or almost all, scams?

Since the market is not regulated, many of the robots are scams. However, my team analyzed the best ones - you've already read them in the article. The most important point is always to consider that not all of them are scam, but most of them are simply efficient. Luckily for you, we have recommended the best robots.

Can I buy Bitcoins directly?

Yes, there are several online platforms that allow you to buy Bitcoin using the currency used in your country.

Can I deposit Bitcoin in my robot?

No, then just deposit money. Bitcoins inside robots are only used for their monetary value.

When is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

The best time to buy Bitcoins is when the market is down and therefore their value falls. The time when Bitcoins tend to drop the most is towards the end of the month, so be prepared to buy them and then resell them when their price rises again.

How much money can I make with robots for Bitcoin?

The amount depends solely on your experience and the level of investment you want to dedicate to it. An initial deposit of thousands of dollars will undoubtedly yield more money, but even if you started small with $ 250 it would still be possible to make a lot of money. In both cases, consider that often the BOT has to start slowly to generate money and then over the months it will make more and more money until you are probably rich.